XII IEEE Latin American Summer School on Computational Intelligence (EVIC)

The XII Summer School on Computational Intelligence will take place at Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, Chile. It is jointly organized by the Chilean Chapter of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Universidad de los Andes. During the Summer School, a Student Poster Competition on Computational Intelligence will be held. The Summer School is dedicated not only to show state-of-the-art research and development in Computational Intelligence (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and Evolutionary Computation), but also to explain its models, algorithms, and their application to signal processing, pattern recognition, control systems, biomedical engineering, data mining, business intelligence, power systems, etc.

Previous EVICs

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Organizing Committee

General Chair

Pablo Zegers, Universidad de los Andes

Honorary Chair

Pablo Estévez, Universidad de Chile

General Co-Chair

José Delpiano, Universidad de los Andes

Program Chair

Gonzalo Acuña, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Program Co-Chair

Richard Weber, Universidad de Chile

 Tutorials Chair

Claudio Held, Universidad de Chile

Publicity Chair

Doris Sáez, Universidad de Chile

Publicity Co-Chair

Millaray Curilem, Universidad de la Frontera

Poster Competition Chair

Sebastián Maldonado, Universidad de los Andes


Plenary Speakers


Javier Ruiz del Solar, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile


Nikhil Pal, Ph.D.

Indian Statistical Institute

Calcutta, India


Pablo Zegers, Ph.D.

Universidad de los Andes

Santiago, Chile


Pablo Estévez, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile


Domingo Mery, Ph.D.

Pontificia Universidad Católica

Santiago, Chile


Cristián Bravo, Ph.D.

University of Southampton

Southampton, United Kingdom

Tutorial Speakers

Richard Weber, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Patricio Pérez, Ph.D.

Universidad de Santiago, Chile

Jose Delpiano, Ph.D.

Universidad de los Andes, Chile

Christian Pieringer, Ph.D.

Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile

Pablo Huijse, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Leonardo Causa, MSc.

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Leonardo Leottau, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Claudio Held, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Wael El-Deredy, Ph.D.

The University of Manchester, Inglaterra

Daniel Sbarbaro, Ph.D.

Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Karim Pichara, Ph.D.

Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile

Bárbara Poblete, Ph.D.

Universidad de Chile, Chile

Jean-Charles Lamirel, MSc.

LORIA, Francia

Cristián Figueroa, MSc.

SAS y Universidad de Chile, Chile

Rodrigo Carrasco, Ph.D.

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile

Poster Competition

A Poster Competition on Computational Intelligence will be held during the summer school. Applicants to the competition must be under or postgraduate students who are presenting their research works or thesis on Computational Intelligence. Alumni who graduated less than a year ago will also be accepted.

Posters to be presented will be selected based on an extended abstract, written in English. The student must be the first author and must present the poster orally in English to the jury. The winner of the competition will receive a First Prize certificate and US$200. The Second and Third Prizes will also receive an award certificate.

Events Dates
Deadline for submission of extended abstracts November 30th, 2016
Decision Notification December 7th, 2016
Poster Competition December 15th, 2016


Abstracts should be written in English, limited to 3 pages (US letter size). Abstracts must include the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
Affiliation should include the name of the student participating in the competition, and the name of the co-authors.

Poster guidelines

The following information should aid you in planning for your Poster Presentation during the EVIC.

  • All illustrations and lettering should be prepared beforehand. The poster display is not to be solely the extended abstract pinned to the poster board.
  • The title of the presentation in full and the names of all authors should appear at the top of the display. Lettering for this information should be no less than 48 points for the title and slightly smaller for the authors’ names. The subheading should not be less than 20 points.
  • Suggested size of your poster is A0, portrait format: 840 mm/33″ wide by 1188mm/47″ high, the maximum size of the board is 950 mm/37″ wide by 1200mm/47″ high.

  • A file for the poster should be sent by email. It should be prepared in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or equivalent.

Submit a PDF file to Dr. Sebastián Maldonado, smaldonado@uandes.cl.

Posters will be selected based on the quality of the extended abstract. The decision notification will be send by electronic mail.

Posters should be posted according to the schedule which will be noted in the program. A committee of three experts will evaluate the posters and assign the first, second and third places. The awards will be announced on December 15th, 2016.



Limited registration (early registration deadline): November 30th, 2016

  Before November 30 After November 30
Professionals US$ 190 US$ 190
Professionals (1 day) US$ 60 US$ 70
IEEE and AIE members (active member) US$ 90 US$ 100
Students** US$ 50 US$ 60
IEEE students** (active member) US$ 26 US$ 30

Lunch is not included.

  Before November 30 After November 30
Professionals $ 115.000 $ 127.000
Professionals (1 day) $ 45.000 $ 40.000
IEEE and AIE members (active member) $ 57.000 $ 63.000
Students** $ 35.000 $ 39.000
IEEE students** (active member) $ 17.000 $ 20.000

Lunch is not included.

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* As a reference, the exchange rate was of 660 Chilean pesos per US-dollar in August 2016. You can view the current exchange rate here.

** Students must include a copy of their student ID and a document or letter (all in the same file) accrediting their full-time enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program. Part-time students will get the discount benefit of IEEE or AIE professional members.


(Updated 13/12/2016)


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Title Speaker Plenary Room
Computer vision in the industry Domingo Mery 1 Aula Magna
Neural approaches to dimensionality reduction with emphasis on redundancy control Nikhil Pal 2 Aula Magna
Reinforcement learning Javier Ruiz del Solar 3 Aula Magna
Computational intelligence for bioinformatics with emphasis on protein folding and synergistic networks Nikhil Pal 4 Aula Magna
Deep Learning Pablo Zegers 5 Aula Magna
Astronomy and computational intelligence Pablo Estévez 6 Aula Magna
Big data and analytics Cristián Bravo 7 Aula Magna


Topic Title Speaker Tutorial Room
Analytics Business Analytics applied to social networks Richard Weber 4 R13
Analytics Managing Very Large and Highly Multidimensional Data Collections Mining Ad-Hoc Metrics and Related Statistics Jean-Charles Lamirel 6 R12
Analytics Real Time Analytics Cristián Figueroa 2 R12
Applications Model Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis Rodrigo Carrasco 3 R11
Applications Natural Language Processing Pablo Zegers 1 R12
Applications Bayesian Inference in Neuroscience Wael El-Deredy 4 R11
Applications Knowledge extraction from online social networks: real-time event analysis Bárbara Poblete 3 R13
Applications Modeling air pollution using artificial neural networks  Patricio Pérez  6 R13
Astronomy Data Science for Astronomy Karim Pichara 5 R12
Astronomy Information Theory and Semi-Supervised Learning in Astronomy Pablo Huijse 6 R11
Computer Vision Multiple View Geometry in a Computer Vision Pipeline Christian Pieringer 5 R13
Computer Vision CNN in Computer Vision Jose Delpiano 1 R11
Fundaments Attribute Selection with SVMs Cristián Bravo 5 R11
Fundaments Analysis and applications of dynamic artificial neural networks Daniel Sbarbaro 2 R13
Fundaments Decision Trees Leonardo Causa 2 R11
Fundaments Reinforcement Learning Leonardo Leottau 3 R12
Fundaments Fuzzy Logic Claudio Held 4 R12

Mesa Redonda

Empresa Nombre
Webdox José Manuel Jiménez
Toth Andrés Valdivieso
Universidad de los Andes Iván Díaz-Molina
Penta Analytics Luis Aburto
Metricarts Patricio Cofré
  Wednesday 14 Thursday 15 Friday 16
Start Time End Time Activity 1 Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 1
08:30 09:00 Opening    
09:00 09:30 Plenary 1 Plenary 3 Plenary 6
09:30 10:00
10:00 10:30
10:30 11:00 Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00 11:30 Plenary 2 Plenary 4 Plenary 7
11:30 12:00
12:00 12:30
12:30 13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 13:30
13:30 14:00 Tutorial 1 Plenary 5 Poster Competition Tutorial 5
14:00 14:30
14:30 15:00
15:00 15:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee
15:30 16:00 Tutorial 2 Tutorial 3 Tutorial 6
16:00 16:30
16:30 17:00
17:00 17:30 Intermediate Intermediate  
17:30 18:00 Roundtable of IC on Chile Tutorial 4  
18:00 18:30  
18:30 19:00  
19:00 19:30   Reception and Poster Competition Awards  
19:30 20:00    
20:00 20:30    


Monseñor Álvaro del Portillo 12455, Santiago, Las Condes, Región Metropolitana